Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Banner

I’ve been slowing sticking my foot into the swap groups.  This past month Marie (ala ArtofMarie) hosted a Halloween banner swap. I’m sure most of you know how they work but for those who don’t.  Each lady/gentleman is assigned a letter.  They make enough of that very banner piece for everyone.  After the banner is done it should spell out something.  Ours spelled out Halloween.  But you couldn’t have guessed that. *chuckles*

So I was given the letter L.  There were restrictions to the size the piece could be but the bonus was to include the color black.  Not hard to do for Halloween.   I picked a Frankenstein shape for my chipboard.  I used my Cricut and a program that let’s me cut out svg files.  It turned out perfect! I then combined a combination of colors to make a nice bright almost neon green.  I applied a coat of acrylic crackle paint.  It turned out nice. 

IMG_2637 SEE!


I took some black cardstock and cut out some cut witches that I’d make have an awesome 3D look to them.  I also cut out some bats.  I took some orange cardstock with a pearl affect to it and made my letter L to place on top of a chipboard L of the same size.  I glued these all on.  I left some space at the top as we were instructed so people could hang their banner pieces.  I used some baby black rickrak to be my line and to add to Mr. Frankenstein.  :)



After that I applied some Studio G black glitter to his “bolts” These made him stand out really nice.  I also edged frank with some pitch black dabber paint by Ranger.  Over all I’m happy with the look.   Here is how he turned out!



Isn’t he cute?!


Once I received all of the pieces it was time to hang it.  I love how it turned out.  The ladies did an amazing job! I will make sure this is stored safely away so that I can use it yearly.  It really added that something that was missing.



See what I mean!


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